Saratoga Springs Housing Authority


Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions.

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If you submitted a completed application in person to the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority’s administrative offices at One South Federal Street, and have responded to written communications since that time, then you are probably on the active wait list. If you mailed or faxed in applications then there is no guarantee that it was received by the SSHA so you may call to verify your status.

There is no way for the SSHA to determine how long it will take to get an apartment. The SSHA maintains a 98% occupancy rate so the only time apartments become available is when someone becomes deceased, moves or is evicted. Since there is no way to determine when these events will take place it is impossible to accurately state how long it will take to get an apartment. The SSHA will provide “estimates” based on apartment turnover history but these are only estimates and should not be used for planning purposes.

There are no exceptions for emergency situations to the waiting list. If you are in immediate need of housing, you should contact the Saratoga County Department of Social Services at 518-884-4140.

The waiting list is comprised based on the time and date the application was submitted and then preference points are applied. Therefore, an application that is submitted on a later date can be placed ahead of others received before it based on preference points.

Preference points are points applied to an application to give preference to that application based on identified community needs and priorities. The SSHA currently provides preference points to Veterans who received an honorable discharge from the service, to victims of domestic violence who complete the required HUD DV form, to persons with disabilities who are receiving SSI or SSD, to persons over the age of 62, and to persons working over 20 hours per week.

The main office can be contacted during normal business hours at (518) 584-6600 to report a work order request. During non-business hours, contact the on-call maintenance service at (518) 857-1051.

The SSHA will consider transfer requests for good reasons. If there is a legitimate need for a transfer, you can be placed on the transfer list. The current SSHA transfer policy states that there will be one transfer made for every four new admissions.

The SSHA has a limited number of handicapped accessible units which are currently all occupied. As these units become available, the SSHA insures the units are offered to persons with disabilities first.

Section 8 housing is a voucher program which provides housing subsidy in the private rental market. The voucher holder finds an apartment on their own in the private rental market and the owner is provided a rental subsidy based on the voucher holders household income. The voucher holder then pays the remaining balance in rent from what the SSHA subsidy payment was. Vouchers are portable meaning that if you move away you can take the subsidy with you. 

Public housing assistance means that you receive housing subsidy in SSHA owned apartments only (Stonequist, Jefferson and Vanderbilt Terraces). The amount of rent you pay is also based on your household income (approximately 30%). When you move from public housing, the rental subsidy does not go with you. 

Annual inspections are required if you are a public housing resident. If you are a Section 8 voucher holder, an inspection is required at least once every two years. You can always request an inspection if you are on either program if you feel there are maintenance issues to be addressed. Both programs require your cooperation with the inspection process as long as you receive reasonable notice (48hours) then you must allow the inspection to take place. 

You are always welcome to visit the Housing Authority if you call first to make an appointment. Also please check out our monthly newsletter which highlights the activities and calendar of events.

The wait list varies depending on the vacancy rate. It may take up to a year or more for an apartment. The wait list also varies due to the number of bedrooms required.

Residents at the Terrace units are allowed only one pet, but NOT in the high-rise. Dogs must be smaller than 20lbs, must be licensed with the City, must be vaccinated, and must be included on a renters insurance policy.

No. However, there are shelters in the area and other organizations within the City that can help you. Contact the Saratoga County Department of Social Services at 518-884-4140.

Rent is based on your combined family's gross annual income (Head of house, spouse and all children over 18 years of age) less any applicable deductions allowed under US Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations.